Hinton Community School District
Monday January 15, 2007
REGULAR BOARD A regular board meeting of the Hinton Community School
MEETING District Board of Directors was held in the library on Monday
January 15, 2007 at 7:00 pm.
BOARD MEMBERS Members Present:
Lynette Blanchard
Steve Eddy
Robert Held
Kenny Hoefling
Ed Vondrak
SUPERVISORS Members Absent:
PRESENT Al Steen, Superintendent
Paula Schreck, Board Secretary
Sue Martens, Principal
Peter Stuerman, Principal
Jane Krehbiel, Curriculum Director
CALL TO ORDER Having Determined a quorum was present, President
Held call the meeting to order
CONSENT ITEMS Agenda:  Motion by Blanchard, second by Hoefling, it was 
RESOLVED:  To approve the agenda.
Motion carried 5-0.
Minutes:  Motion by Hoefling, second by Vondrak, it was
RESOLVED:  To approve the minutes.
Motion carried 5-0.
Monthly claims:  Motion by Vondrak, second by Blanchard, it was
RESOLVED:  To approve the following fund disbursements:  
General Fund:  $95,586.90, Before and   
After School $15.13, Preschool Fund $517.23, 
Management Fund $2955.73, Capital
Project Funds $135,000.00, Nutrition Fund $25,429.04,   
Activity Fund $25,066.16.  The total of all fund disbursements 
Motion carried 5-0.
Monthly financial reports:  Motion by Eddy, second by Hoefling, it was
RESOLVED:  To approve the monthly financial reports.
Motion carried 5-0.
REPORTS/ Jane Krehbiel and Mary Daniels addressed the board on test scores 
INFORMATION from the fall.
ACTION ITEMS Approve resignations:  Motion by Vondrak, Second by Eddy, it was
RESOLVED:  To approve the resignation, and request for
early retirement benefits for Dave Attrill.  
Motion carried 5-0.
Approve portable classrooms purchase:  Motion by Blanchard, Second
by Vondrak, it was RESOLVED:  To approve the purchase of two 
refurbished 24' x 36' refurbished portable classrooms from
Lincoln Highway Portables at the installed price of $54,000.00.
Motion carried 5-0.
Approve administrative re-structuring:  Motion by Vondrak, Second by
Blanchard, it was RESOLVED:  To approve the administrative re-structuring
as recommended by the superintendent.
Aye:  Blanchard, Eddy, Hoefling, Vondrak
Abstain:  Held
Motion carried 4-0.
Approve e-rate telecommunications service agreement:  Motion by Eddy,
Second by Hoelfing, it was RESOLVED:  To approve the telecommunications
service agreement service agreement as presented.
Motion carried 5-0.
Approve early graduation request:  Motion by Eddy, Second by Vondrak, it
was RESOLVED:  To approve Rachael Moravek's early graduation request.
Motion carried 5-0.
DISCUSSION  Future Agenda Topics
ITEMS February 5, Work Session
Key Communicator Program
Ethanol Developer Request
DATES TO REMEMBER January 24 - No school - Teacher Professional Development Day
School Board Work Session - Monday, February 5 - 6:00 pm
Regular School Board Meeting - Thursday, February 22 - 7:00 pm
ADJOURNMENT Motion by Hoefling, Second by Blanchard, it was
RESOLVED:  to adjourn the meeting at 8:44 pm. 
Motion carried 5-0.
EXEMPT SESSION The board went into exempt session to discuss negotiation