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December 2006


Volume 13, Issue 4


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315 West Grand

Hinton, IA 51024

Phone: 712-947-4329

Fax: 712-947-4427

Hinton Community School

Parent Input Needed

We are beginning to develop next year’s calendar and need parent input regarding the fall parent/teacher conferences and the fall open house.

Currently the fall parent/teacher conferences are mid-term conferences, which means they are held halfway through the first nine weeks. We would like to have parents give us feedback regarding keeping the conferences at this time or holding them at the end of the first nine-week grading period.

Our fall open house is usually held the second week of school. We are considering moving this to the night before the first day of school. The feeling is that this date may allow your child to be more “comfortable” when they report to the first day of school. In addition, staff members could share with you vital information on the night of the open house through “homeroom meetings.”

We have a short two-minute survey on the school’s web site at (“Survey” on the left menu). We really value your input and would greatly appreciate your completing this survey. If a computer is not available to you, please call the school at 947-4428 with the answers to the survey questions listed as follows:

Thank you for taking the time to provide us feedback; it is greatly appreciated!


Conferences should stay the way they are now, at midterm.












Conferences should be held after the first 9 weeks.












Open House Night should stay as it is, after school has already started.












Open House Night should be the night before school starts.