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October 2006


Volume 13, Issue 2


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315 West Grand

Hinton, IA 51024

Phone: 712-947-4329

Fax: 712-947-4427

Hinton Community School

Citizens Advisory Committee Members Needed

††††† The Hinton Community School District is seeking volunteers to serve on the District Wide Citizens Advisory Committee. The committee is composed of parents, community members, students, teachers, administrators, and a school board member. The purpose of the advisory committee is to help the district develop a Comprehensive School Improvement Plan, implement the plan, evaluate the effectiveness of the plan and to develop a new school improvement plan every five years. The advisory committee makes recommendations for the areas of Major Educational Needs, Student Learning Goals, and Long Range Goals Ė including indicators in reading, math, and science.

††††† Tentative plans are for the Advisory Committee also include meeting with our past Facility Committee to review and possibly update the recommendations made by the Facility Committee to the School Board in June 2001.

††††† If you are interested in serving on this committee, please call the school office at 947-4329.

Need a Shed?

The Industrial Technology construction class will be building storage sheds again this year. If you are interested in having them build you one, call Mike Moeller at the High School 947-4328 or at 202-0232. Sheds are built for the cost of the material.

New Program Gives Parents Access to Student Grades

This summer a new web-based computer software program, Centerpoint, was installed on all of the staff computers. This program is used to input data for local and state use. Locally, teachers record student grades and attendance. Student schedules are created through the computer program and the results of† ITBS/ITED, ICAM, ACT, and SAT tests are entered. There are dozens of reports that can be created from the information stored in the program. Twice a year, data is up-loaded to the state department to meet state and federal reporting requirements.

A new feature of this program is parent access, through the Internet, to their studentís grades and attendance. Teachers have a page for each class where they can post a calendar of assignments and tests, giving parents first hand knowledge of what their child needs to be studying.

During parent/teacher conferences on October 4 and 5, our technology director, Mr. Dave Attrill, will be in the tech center to show parents features of the program and how to access their studentís information. Please stop by the lab to take advantage of this great opportunity!