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students in our district, the caring/supportive parents, the wonderful certified and classified staff, a committed school board, and a group of principals that are exceptional instructional leaders. All of these groups working together contribute to our vision of providing a Quality Education With A Personal Touch.

Listed on page 2 are the seven themes our school was “evaluated” under and a couple of the strengths (not all inclusive) noted by the Department of Education. Also listed are suggestions for improvement, which we will consider as a district, as we are continually striving to change and improve. All district patrons can be assured we will always be A Community Dedicated To Developing Responsible Lifelong Learners Prepared For Future Challenges.

By: Al Steen


On November 6-8 the State of Iowa Department of Education visited the Hinton Community School District to conduct their accreditation visit, as outlined in Iowa Code. During this visit, the Accreditation Team did an extensive document review; interviewed parents, advisory committee members, certified and classified staff, school board members, and students, while determining the schools effectiveness in seven areas. These areas include: Vision, Mission, and Goals  --  Leadership  --  Collaborative Relationships  --  Learning Environment  --  Curriculum and Instruction  --  Professional Development  --  Monitoring and Accountability. At the conclusion of these three days the Site Visit Team gave a verbal report on their findings to the school district. A detailed written report will be received from the

Department of Education by the end of December.

We are pleased to announce the Site Visit Team gave an outstanding review of our school district. When the team was asked by various groups how our district was doing, two comments stand out. First, one team member stated, “There is one word to describe your district, WOW.” Second, the consultant from the Department of Education stated, “Normally we always give suggestions for improvement under each theme area. Our team had a very difficult time coming up with suggestions as your district is doing things very, very well. Matter of fact, in one area we could not come up with any suggestion for improvement.”

We are very proud and humbled to receive such an exemplary report. Receiving this type of report is due to the great

Parents of nonpublic school students, who are residents of the Hinton Community School District, seeking transportation reimbursement for transportation to an accredited nonpublic school, must submit a

“Non Public Parent Reimbursement Request Form” to the Hinton District office. The deadline for these requests is December 1st for first semester claims and May 1st for second semester claims. Parents in the

Hinton Community School District may obtain forms by contacting the superintendent at PO Box 128, Hinton, Iowa 51024 or by phone at 712-947-4329.

By: Paula Schreck


By: Paula Schreck

Department of Education Accreditation Visit

Department of Education Accreditation Visit


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A Community Dedicated To Developing Responsible Life Long Learners Prepared For Future Challenges.