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After school program called SOAR and our Preschool/Daycare program called “Little Hawks.” Iowa leads the nation in both parents working outside the home. Due to this situation many parents need quality supervision for their children. These two programs provide quality supervision, meeting the needs of many of our parents within our community.

There are many, many other great things happening within our school district. We are very fortunate to have a caring and supportive community. This support allows us to offer quality education with a personal touch. As our mission statement says, we are A Community Dedicated To Developing Responsible Life Long Learners Prepared For Future Challenges.

By: Al Steen


When you work within an organization it is so easy to forget to tell the “Good News” and assume everyone knows what positive things are happening within the organization. There is no way we could list every positive “happening” in this brief article, however, here are a few of the positive “happenings” in Hinton Community School:

*Our enrollment has been increasing and is projected to increase 5-10 students per year for the next five years. Projections for more than five years in the future are not available, however it appears the trend will continue as our district is very well respected within the area.

*The proposed school budget for

the 2008-09 school year will again decrease our property tax asking from the previous year! Not many public institutions funded by property tax dollars are able to reduce the tax burden on their patrons as we will do so again this year!

*Our elementary school is in its third year of the anti-bullying program called “Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.” We have always worked hard to teach our students proper socialization skills and how to get along with others. We are seeing less bullying within our elementary school due to this program.

*We provide many non-traditional educational services for our parents and our community. Two examples of these services are our Before/

Hinton Kindergarten and Discovergarten Round-Up are scheduled for Friday, March 7 and we are very excited to meet our upcoming students.

 Two sessions will be offered, with the morning session taking place from 9:00-11:00 AM, and the afternoon session from 1:00-3:00 PM. We are asking all parents to register their child by calling the school (947-4327)

with this initial information: the child’s full name, making sure that it is spelled correctly, address, phone number, and birth date.  Early registration is essential to reserve the session you prefer. Discovergarten is Hinton Community School’s transitional Kindergarten program and provides an additional year of growth before entering Kindergarten. The early childhood staff will be available to

provide input to parents if this wonderful program would benefit your child.

If your child is 5 years of age on or before September 15, 2008, please call the Hinton Elementary office at 947-4327.

By: Mrs. Laurie Bird

Mrs. Jodi Cook

Mrs. Amy Schorg

Mrs. Linda Ward

Mrs. Jacquie Sitzmann


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March 2008

Volume 14 Issue 6

Mission Statement

A Community Dedicated To Developing Responsible Life Long Learners Prepared For Future Challenges.