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Statement so we can count on these funds for future planning. For example, Hinton School District is growing and will need to address this growth through a bond issue sometime in the future. Re-passage of the Revenue Purpose Statement will help us meet these needs and will help property taxes at the same time as the amount of the bond issue may be lowered by the amount of the SAVE funds that are used for a new facility. We estimate the SAVE Fund will have $2.25 million dollars available for future construction while SILO funds will only have $1.6 million dollars available for future construction.

Please remember to vote on December 2. The polls will be open from noon-8:00 p.m. at the Community Center. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Al Steen, superintendent at 947-4329.

By: Al Steen

As many people know the 2008 State Legislature passed legislation replacing the SILO with the SAVE Fund. On December 2 the patrons of Hinton Community School will have the opportunity to formally replace the SILO (School Infrastructure Local Option Sales Tax) with the State Secure an Advanced Vision for Education Fund (SAVE) by re-passing the schoolís Revenue Purpose Statement. Upon re-passage of the Revenue Purpose Statement the SILO will be replaced by the SAVE Fund, a statewide sales tax for school infrastructure, which is already in place. Currently school districts in counties with shopping centers receive a higher per pupil amount in SILO funds than rural districts. This statewide sales tax will eventually equalize the distribution of funds statewide on a per pupil basis.

This is not a new tax; it simply is a replacement of the current county wide sales tax with a state wide sales tax and has already been approved by the State Legislature.† The SAVE fund provides an alternative to property taxes for funding school buildings and certain capital expenditures and can only be used for construction, reconstruction, remodeling, repair, and for capital equipment like technology and transportation needs.

Past SILO funds have allowed us to remodel science rooms, remodel technology rooms, remodel restrooms, replace aging roofs, replace aging parking lots, upgrade technology, and replace aging vehicles in our bus fleet. Without these funds our tax levy would need to be increased.

It is our hope our voters will re-pass the Revenue Purpose

SILO Replacement Vote December 2

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documents will be confidential and the FAFSA will be able to be mailed at the end of the consultation. We will make appointments for the February consultation after the January meeting.† For new parents with first time college student, the FAFSA determines the studentís ability to receive student loans and to determine if they qualify for grants.

By: Julie Clausen




Hinton High School will host a financial aid planning night January 8, 7:00PM, with a financial aid expert from the Iowa College Access Network in Des Moines. The presentation will be held in the library where the speaker will review how to fill out the FAFSA and what type of documentation each family will

need to be able to complete the form.† Grants and student loan opportunities will also be discussed. In February, we will offer a free one-on-one consultation with a FAFSA specialist where parents can spend approximately 30 minutes to complete the FAFSA if they so desire. The FAFSA meeting and

Senior Financial Aid Night Thursday, January 8

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