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status quo, you are actually regressing as everyone else is “passing you by.” Our growing enrollment has allowed us to reinstate all the programs that were previously cut when we actually had declining enrollment for a couple of years, and has allowed us to add additional programs to meet the needs of our students. Next fall we will be going to three sections in grades 3, 4, and 5 instead of the normal two sections. This will bring our class size down form 25-27 students/section to 17-18 students/section. Our growing enrollment has provided us with the funds to make this change, which will help to improve student achievement on these grade levels, as our staff will have more time to provide each student with more individual attention.

Lastly, we would like to take time to let the public know that the School Board will be hosting a public forum in June to update the public on a potential bond issue this fall and to gather public input regarding a potential bond issue.

We would like to thank our community and parents for all of their support this past year. We look forward to continue working together, as we truly are A Community Dedicated To Developing Responsible Life Long Learners Prepared For Future Challenges.

By: Al Steen

Wow, it is the middle of May already. Where did this school year go to? We have had a great year at Hinton Community School. Our academic achievement scores continue to improve, our Fine Arts Department has excelled, our Extracurricular Clubs continue to grow, and our Athletic Teams all had great seasons. These types of success are achieved as we have great students, an outstanding staff, supportive parents, and a supportive community.

At this time we would like to bring you up-to-date on some legislative actions taken this spring and how these new laws will affect our school, bring you up-do-date on some staff changes planned for next year, and bring you up-to-date regarding a future public forum.

First let’s look at two pieces of legislation that will greatly impact our school district. The legislature passed a statewide penny sales tax, effective July 1, replacing the local option sales tax. This legislation will be very beneficial for our school district and all the school districts in the state. The legislation levels the “playing field” by treating all schools the same. School districts will now receive infrastructure funding based on a

“rolling average” for each resident child in the school district. For example, we currently receive $575/student from our local option sales tax. Under the new law we will receive approximately $775/student for infrastructure needs. This will result in approximately an $117,000/year increase in our infrastructure funding. These funds will help us maintain and update our infrastructure needs, now, and in the future.

The second piece of legislature that passed this spring, impacting our school and the public, is the ban on smoking in public places. We currently have a no smoking policy in our school district. However, at football games, baseball games, softball games, and track meets people would simply move to the parking areas to have a smoke. The new law bans smoking on all school grounds, including parking lots, inside school vehicles, and inside private vehicles if they are on school grounds!

Our school district continues to grow in enrollment, which is a very positive trend. A school district must continue to grow, if it wants to be a viable district. In today’s fast paced world you are either growing and improving or regressing. If you maintain the

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