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March 2009

Volume 15 Issue 6

Mission Statement

A Community Dedicated To Developing Responsible Life Long Learners Prepared For Future Challenges.

315 W. Grand St.

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Mr. Werner will provide copies of the resolution, the appraisal, and a copy of owner’s rights to the Held family.

On or shortly after February 23, Mr. Werner will contact the Held family to begin the “formalized” negotiation process on behalf of the School Board. It should be noted the school board has been trying to actively negotiate a purchase price for this land for the past three years.

It is the Board’s hope a purchase price can be amicably agreed too. If a mutually agreeable price cannot be reached, the Board will move forward with eminent domain proceedings at either their March or April Board Meeting. These proceedings will identify the 8.016 acres to be condemned.

The 12 acres to the west of the school were also appraised. The appraisal value for these acres was $205,000. The School Board may be interested in purchasing these acres or some of the acres, however the Board is not interested in condemning any of these acres.

By: Al Steen




The Hinton Community School has been planning for an Elementary School/Community Expansion Project for some time. Determining where to locate this project has received the most attention from the School Board this past year.

In July, 2008 the School Board held a public forum asking our patrons where they wanted the future elementary school to be located. The overwhelming response was to locate the new elementary school adjacent to our current facility, not to use the 40 acres of land the school owns in partnership with the city located on the southwest edge of town.

Due to the input the school received the school board formally tried to purchase the 8.016 acres of land from the Held Family located to the south and southeast of the current school site. To date, the negotiation process has not been successful. Due to this fact the school board has held a public hearing regarding the potential use of eminent domain to acquire

these 8.016 acres.

On Monday, February 9, 2009 the school board passed a Resolution Establishing Just Compensation Value Prior to Start of Negotiations. The passage of this resolution was necessary to keep the eminent domain process available to the school district. The resolution included the following items:

Identified the legal description of the 8.016 acres the board desires to purchase from the Held family. (These acres DO NOT INCLUDE the home).

States the land may be subject to taking by means of proceedings in eminent domain for the Elementary School Expansion Project.

Identifies the appraised value to be $213,000 for the 8.016 acres. (A Local Farm Agency did the appraisal.)

Appointed John Werner as acquisition agent for the School Board. Mr. Werner will do the negotiating with the Held family on behalf of the Board.

Elementary School Expansion Project