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December 2009

Volume 16, Issue 4

In This Issue            

·    Creating a Greener Hinton

·    Algebra Students

·    Gym Usage & Gym Re-waxing





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Victoria Visits First Grade

Hinton School is very fortunate to have access to the educational opportunities offered by Victoria Shamblen, naturalist from Plymouth County Parks. Many of our classes often take advantage of in-class programs that Victoria provides. On November 17, Victoria presented her lesson “Magnificent Mammals” to the first graders. This coincided with an integrated literature and science unit on bears and mammals. During Victoria’s visit, the students listened to a book about mammals, learned the five characteristics of mammals, and played the game “Is it a Mammal?” We are glad that we are able to take advantage of these programs. Thank you, Victoria!

Algebra Students

In Algebra, students are learning about ratios and probabilities.  We are discussing some real life probabilities including rain forecast and coin flips.  They are learning the difference between theoretical and experimental probabilities, just because it is supposed to happen, doesn’t mean it will.

The Algebra students are also debating the Monty Hall problem that was made famous in the 1970’s on the game show “Let’s Make a Deal”.  Those familiar with the game remember the end of the show when the contestant had to choose between three doors, one hiding a car and the other two hiding goats.  The contestant must make a choice whether they want to switch their original choice or keep it.  The students are deciding if the contestants odds of winning the car increase, decrease, or stay the same when they switch doors.

Gym Usage & Gym Re-waxing

Gym use for public use is scheduled through the superintendents office and times are available from 7 PM to 9 PM Monday thru Friday. Please be sure to check with the office for a time before scheduling a practice. Gym use is not to start at 6:30 PM or 6:00 PM even if the gym is not in use. Please be sure to respect the use of the gym as well as the others who are signed up to use it.


The main gym will be closed over Christmas break for re-waxing from Monday, December 28th until Sunday, January 2nd. To ensure the wax sets properly please stay out of the gym until Sunday, January 2nd 2010.

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