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May 2010

Volume 16, Issue 9

In This Issue            

·    Nursing News

·    Advanced Art

·    Guest Speaker Visits the Talented and Gifted Students





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Nursing News

·         If your child has medicine that they need take home from my office can you please contact me in how you would like to handle this. 


·         Upcoming freshman, please print off dental form under the forms on the school website and have that completed by your Dentist. 


·         Don’t forget to have your Sport Physical current for the upcoming school year for sports, dance, and cheerleading.


·         Watch the school registration forms for information on Tdap being offered shortly following the start of the 2010-2011 school year for grades 9th thru 12th. 

Advanced Art

High school students who want to pursue art in-depth now have the option of applying for Advanced Art classes. These classes will provide motivated and hardworking students a chance to explore their favorite types of art independently.


The prerequisite classes for Advanced Art include Intro to Art and Drawing. Additional art classes need to be taken beforehand depending on the students’ interests. For example, if a student wants to take Advanced Painting, s/he must take Intro to Art, Drawing, and Painting first. To be eligible to apply, students need to have earned an A- average or better in their previous art classes.


Additionally, interested students will need a teacher recommendation and must submit a portfolio of their artwork. The portfolio will include photographs of four artworks with written statements explaining the items. The portfolio can include projects made in school or at home, but artworks selected need to demonstrate interest and skill. Interested students can pick up application materials with Mrs. Pearson.

Guest Speaker Visits the Talented and Gifted Students

On Tuesday, April 20th, Mr. John Spies, a graduate from Hinton, who is now a financial advisor, came to speak to the 6th, 7th and 8th grade students about the risks and the benefits of investing in the Stock Market. Mr. Spies was able to answer the students’ questions and give them additional insights about investing.  


The Stock Market Game came to a close on April 23rd for the TAG students. The students from Hinton were divided into 6 teams and competed against other Middle Schools such as; Carroll Middle School, North Scott Junior H.S. and Morning Sun Elementary. Out of 21 teams, Josie Holtz and Truman Schmitt got 4th place.



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