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August & September 2010

Volume 17, Issue 1

In This Issue            

·    From the Superintendent

·    Graduation Requirements / Grading Policy for High School Students

·    Hinton Preschool Options May Expand





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June 28th, 2010

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From the Superintendent


Dear Parents and Patrons,


Soon we’ll be immersed in a new and exciting school year!


A year ago our district was in some turmoil because of a leadership challenge.  I was proud to accept the unanticipated call as interim superintendent, and even prouder when the community passed a 5.9 million bond issue to support the construction of a remarkable new elementary school.  In order to help assure some stability during this period, I was happy to extend my service to our school board, the school and our community for a second year.


You’ll notice that our horizon to the south has been reshaped.  A loess hill has been lowered and our new school is taking shape.  Of course, a particularly wet June and July has tried mightily to carve its own imprint on the landscape, but construction is still making good headway.  Our neighbors, the entire community and our contractors will all be glad when we can seed and irrigate the new landscape—which is to occur in several stages starting August 10th.


Obviously, parking at the football complex will be greatly impacted this year.  We’ll develop and announce alternate parking plans.  We’ll provide some alternate parking areas and try to optimize parking across the road on the baseball/softball side of our field, and possibly a shuttle service from our school parking lots.  A year from now should be a significant improvement, but we’ll ask for your patience and understanding this year.


Late last spring we received a sizeable state grant for preschool.  This funding,  somewhat dependent on actual enrollments, allows the district to offer preschool sessions daily from 1:00-3:15 p.m. as an option to all day. [See the separate announcement in this Blackhawk Newsletter.]


It is no secret that state funding for education has been impacted by the recession.  We had to reduce our budget by some $400,000 for this coming year.  Everyone pitched in cooperatively.  One area which we reconfigured was busing/transportation. We’ve reconfigured our bus runs from ten to eight without reducing the number of students we’ll be picking up.  This was accomplished by consolidating two runs on the north end of our district and by using three buses rather than two to pick up students in the Marland Heights area.  We plan to publish bus runs in the Hinton Times in August and to have a hand-out at the Open House on Tuesday evening, August  24th.  Parents and the community are welcome and encouraged to attend the annual Open House.


A school calendar for the 2010-2011 school year is attached to this edition of the Blackhawk Newsletter. Note that our faculty and staff return for briefings and professional development on Friday, August 20th, with the first day of school being Wednesday, August 25th.  Our opening varsity football game is a non-conference game that will be played at Morningside’s Olsen Stadium at 4:30 p.m., Saturday, August 28th (opponent is Akron-Westfield).  Our first home varsity as well as conference game is Friday, September 10th.  You may access a comprehensive list of activities and other calendared event online at our website hintonschool.com by clicking on the calendar link at the top of the homepage.


It is obvious to me that Hinton is A Community Dedicated to Developing Responsible Life Long Learners Prepared for Future Challenges and that we relish the healthy curiosity and sometimes unfettered exuberance children convey in what they do while encouraging them—and ourselves—to think, know, love and strive to be “all that they can be.”


Let’s have a great school year!


Sincerely yours,


Larry D. Williams                                                                                                                                                        Superintendent of Schools


Graduation Requirements / Grading Policy for High School Students

By Sue Martens


As Freshman enter high school, they often have questions about graduation requirements and grading. The information below summarizes our current board policies.

Students must earn 46 credits (semesters of class) to graduate from Hinton Community School. Required classes include the following:

                                English                                 8 credits

                                Social Studies                    8 credits

                                Math                                     6 credits

                                Science                                 6 credits

                                Technology                         1 credit

                                PE                                          4 yrs. (no credit)

                                Electives                              17 credits

Grading in all classes will be based on percentage scores translated into letter grades. Semester grades (average of 2 quarters) are then combined using a point system to determine the student’s GPA and class rank. Hinton Community School is on a 4.0 GPA scale. Bonus points are given for A+ grades, to recognize excellence in achievement. The chart below is used to determine final grades and GPA.


Class %      Earned Grade               Points Awarded

99 – 100               A+                          4.33

93 – 98                  A                             4.00

90 – 92                  A-                           3.67

87 – 89                 B+                          3.33

83 – 86                 B                             3.00

80 – 82                 B-                           2.67

77 – 79                  C+                           2.33

73 – 76                  C                             2.00

70 – 72                  C-                            1.67

67 – 69                  D+                          1.33

63 – 67                  D                             1.00

60 – 62                  D-                           0.67

  0 – 59                  F                             0.00


Recognition for scholastic achievement at graduation includes:

Highest Honors – Blue                  4.00 – Above

High Honors – Red                          3.5 – 3.99

Honors – White                                3.0 – 3.49

Valedictorian                                     Highest GPA (May be more than one)

Salutatorian                                       Second Highest GPA (May be more than one)


Eligibility for National Honor Society (Juniors and Seniors) is based on:

GPA of 3.7 or above

Leadership (Involvement in school activities)


Service (Volunteering to help others)

Hinton Preschool Options May Expand

The Hinton School District submitted an application May 14th for a Statewide Voluntary Preschool grant opportunity that may expand preschool options for four-year-old children beginning in the fall of 2010.   If funded, the Hinton District will continue to offer quality preschool and daycare for three and four-year-olds at the Little Hawks Center, along with an additional session of preschool only for four-year-olds in the afternoon. The cost of the afternoon only session will be on a weekly basis and will be determined based on the funding awarded.  The purpose of the Statewide Voluntary Preschool Program is to provide an opportunity for young children in the state of Iowa to enter school ready to learn by expanding statewide voluntary access to quality preschool curricula for four-year-old children. As part of the requirements, children must receive instruction by a certified early childhood teacher. To qualify, children must be four by September 15, 2010.  Children also must be a resident of Iowa, but may live outside the Hinton School District. The Preschool currently has sixteen four-year-old children enrolled for the 2010-2011 school year.  The District will be notified as to the amount of funding on June 7, 1020.


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