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December 2010

Volume 17, Issue 4

In This Issue            

·    School Closings or Late-Starts for Severe Weather

·    New Building Progresses “On Schedule”

·    The Parking and Traffic Flow




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November 15th, 2010

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School Closings or Late-Starts for Severe Weather

Many of our parents have registered with SNOWCAP for notification of Late Starts or School Closings, and the Hinton District will continue to use the SNOWCAP service.  But last year, that service overloaded and crashed twice, leaving us with no effective means of timely communications.  Last spring our local Area Education Association screened other services, and recommended another service to which we  have subscribed  as well, called PARENTLINK.  Its reliability factor appears to be very solid.  For the time being, we will use both services.  Our tech department is working with PARENTLINK to streamline an efficient way in which we can register parents for the primary and backup telephone numbers they prefer.  Presently there is likely to be some redundancy.


We are also registered with KTIV’s severe weather service, and while other media may pick up information from SNOWCAP, we cannot guarantee that.  KTIV is likely to be your most reliable media source for now.  Time permitting we would also call KSCJ Radio and FM 90 Radio (which have always been very good about running our announcements.


As superintendent, I take responsibility for “making the call” as to whether conditions warrant a late start, a cancellation, or what not.  I was not on top of things on Monday, November 22, for which I apologize.  Conditions deteriorated rapidly just as our buses started out.


Larry D. Williams

New Building Progresses “On Schedule”

Although there were some delays due to a very wet summer, this fall has provided ideal weather and steady progress has offset the delays.  It is still the realistic goal of Wiltgen Brothers Contractors, as general contractors, to have the building ready for occupancy by August 2011.  Notable progress includes the laying of the concrete street from Grover Street to the Golf Course Road, poured on November 4.  The school district’s segment of the Golf Course Road from that new street east to the intersect with the frontage road was poured on November 18.  Meanwhile, the new school building is substantially enclosed (with the present exception of the commons area between the gymnasium and the classrooms).  Specific areas of the building have been sectioned off with large tarps to allow propane heaters to be used in those areas so that internal work can continue throughout the winter months.  This is all according to plan, and as a result electricians, plumbers and mechanical contractors, as well as the general contractor, will continue their work throughout the winter months.  The superintendent has received numerous positive comments from people throughout Northwest Iowa who drive by our developing site for the new elementary school, and it is likely this is widely the case within the Hinton community.

The Parking and Traffic Flow

With construction of the new elementary school  impacting some of our already sparse parking on the South Lot, we’ve been challenged this fall to  provide enough parking and keep an orderly flow to parking.  We’ve now restored some parking for seniors in the South Lot, and have asked that they not  park “out front”  This leaves a little more space for parents to park at the critical times of dropping students off at school and picking them up at dismissal time.  We are aware that it is impractical for all vehicles to park at these two times of the day, so parents have lined up in parallel fashion behind parked cars.  For those minutes while students are exiting the building and getting into vehicles, and until the buses actually “roll out” there’s no alternative but patience in terms of traffic flow. We thank you for the patience you’ve shown, and with the advent of snow and ice, encourage you to exercise patience during the winter as well.


Our new building has a design for parking and traffic flow that is much more contemporary and functional, and the new building will alleviate some of the issues associated with our current building.


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