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January 2011

Volume 17, Issue 5

In This Issue            

·    Bus Procedures

·    Attention Class of 2013

·    Industrial Arts





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December 20th, 2010

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Bus Procedures

Our bus drivers at Hinton are committed to providing safe transportation for our students.  In order to continue with safe travel we need your help.  Please have your students ready for the bus on time.  If you do not need bus service for that day, please let the school know.  If your student’s schedule changes (parent pickup, other adult pickup, same bus but different pickup or drop off, etc) a note/email or phone call is required.  As our buses are at capacity, we ask that students leave snow pants/extra gear at school during the week if possible.  Talk to your child about waiting safely for the bus by standing on the roadside or sidewalk, tell them they need to make sure the bus is at a complete stop before entering or exiting the bus, never walk behind the bus and don’t walk right next to the bus.  Allow older students to board the bus first, with younger students following.   Students are to sit as directed by the bus driver, with older students in the back of the bus.  School buses are the safest form of transportation for students, thank you for assisting us in continuing to provide safe transportation.

Attention Class of 2013!

As part of fundraising for prom , the sophomore class will be working the concession stand on FEBRUARY 1, 2011 when Hinton takes on Bishop Heelan.  We need about 3 students or parents per shift and will run 2 shifts.  If you are willing to help out, please talk to Mrs. Ruden or Mrs. Hunter.  Thank you!

Industrial Arts

The students in Mr. Gesche’s Metals and Woods classes  are busy fabricating projects for their own use. The CAD students have started slanted line drawings on Solid Works software. Next, they will move on to alternative plane drawings.

The first project for the Small Buildings class was a handicapped access sidewalk and ramp for Grace Evangelical Church. They have moved on to a small building to house the Director of Transportation at the bus coral.


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