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May 2011

Volume 17, Issue 9

In This Issue            

·    High School Students Give Aid To Mapleton Residents

·    3-D In 3rd Grade

·    Tryouts For Fall Musical





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High School Students Give Aid To Mapleton Residents


One hundred nine students and nine faculty/staff/parents from Hinton Community School traveled to Mapleton, Iowa, on Wednesday, April 27 to pitch in with cleanup efforts that have been taking place since a devastating tornado ripped through the town on Saturday, April 9. The group worked four hours on various projects including spreading wood chips on the elementary playground, organizing and moving boxes of donated goods for further distribution, raking and sorting debris in tornado areas into piles, hauling appliances to the dumpster, cleaning windows at the school, raking the park, and cutting squares of jeans fabric to make quilts. The group also toured ravaged areas of the city to witness the damage. More pictures from the clean up day are available HERE.

3-D In 3rd Grade

In third grade art, the students learn about many topics. This year, they learned about Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, the ancient Minions, and robots! The purpose of learning how to draw robots was practice illustrating 3-dimensional shapes.

Way back in January, the third graders began by making cylinders, pyramids, and cubes out of paper. They later learned how to draw these 3-D shapes accurately and spent time practicing their drawings.

The third grade students later learned how to stack the shapes. Finally, they learned how to turn their 3-D shapes into robot drawings. All of the students invented their own robots and drew them on large paper. At the end, they colored their pictures to make them look even better.



Drawing by Kyle Brighton

Drawing by Tate Kounkel

Tryouts For Fall Musical

The fall musical is months away but preparations are beginning now!  Mr. Terry Dahlquist and Mrs. Minda Thompson plan to hold auditions for the fall musical at the end of May.  The musical will be “Dear Edwina” and features several interesting parts for many students.  It is a comedy with good songs and should be fun for the students to do!  The tryouts will be held after school on Thursday, May 26 and before school (7:30 a.m.) on Friday, May 27.  The musical will be presented on November 4 and 5 with rehearsals starting at the beginning of the school year.  Interested students should see Mrs. Thompson for additional information. 


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