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November 2010

Volume 17, Issue 3

In This Issue            

·    Transportation of Non-Public School Students

·    Road to New Elementary School Being Poured Soon

·    Public Notice RE New School Sit





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October 18th, 2010

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Transportation of Non-Public School Students

 Parents of nonpublic school students, who are residents of the Hinton Community School District, seeking transportation reimbursement for transportation to an accredited nonpublic school, must submit a “Non Public Parent Reimbursement Request Form” to the Hinton District office. The deadline for these requests is December 1st for first semester claims and May 1st for second semester claims. Parents in the Hinton Community School District may obtain forms by contacting the superintendent at PO Box 128, Hinton, Iowa 51024 or by phone at 712-947-4329.


Road to New Elementary School Being Poured Soon

Contractors will begin pouring the concrete road this week from the corner of 2nd Avenue and Grover to the junction with the Golf Course Road, and then down to 

the frontage road.  Parking areas will likely be poured next spring. Meanwhile, floors have been poured in several of the sections of the actual school (with all underground plumbing having been set).  The General Contractor’s intent all along has been to have the building enclosed by the end of November so internal wall block and finish work can continue unabated throughout the winter.  We anticipate that target will be met.

Public Notice RE New School Site

The community is understandably interested in and intrigued by the evident progress on the construction site of Hinton’s new elementary school.  But at the most recent bi-weekly construction meeting, the general contractor asked the school superintendent to convey to the community that  the area is posted and closed to general traffic (both during and after working hours).  The public is asked to respect the restricted access signage.  Thank you.



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