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October 2011

Volume 18, Issue 2

In This Issue            

·    Celebrating the Blackhawk Code

·    Junior College Planning Night

·    Junior Class Students & Parents





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Celebrating the Blackhawk Code

Students in grades 4-6 will soon be introduced to guidelines for behavior that demonstrate the Blackhawk Code: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe and Be Prepared. Through a discipline development plan supported by the AEA, members of the 4-6 staff are identifying behavior expectations that will be formally taught, an acknowledgement system for recognizing positive behavior, a tracking system to identify needs for improvement, and interventions to help students who have difficulty managing themselves in the school setting. Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)  is a nationally recognized program that has been implemented in many schools in Iowa and the nation. The staff at the elementary building are also involved with PBIS, and are in the second year of program development. The result of these efforts will be continuity across the grades for enhancing  a positive school climate that supports learning and recognizes appropriate behavior in our students.

Junior College Planning Night

When: Wednesday, October 5th at 6 PM

Where: High School Chorus Room

Junior Class Students & Parents

The junior class will again be working concession stands.  The first concession stand we have to work is on OCTOBER 11.  This is parent’s night for VB against Akron-Westfield.  The other concession stand we will be working is JANUARY 27 for a basketball game.  If a student and/or parent is willing to work the October date, please contact a junior class sponsor (Mr. Small, Mr. Kramer, Mr. Price, Mrs. Hunter, or Mrs. Ruden) by email or by calling the school at 947-4328.  The money made will be used to pay for items for prom 2012.  Thank you!! 


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