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Blackhawk Newsletter
September 2012
Hinton Community School
315 W. Grand St.
Hinton, IA 51024
Volume 19 / Issue 2 

AIW – Get Your Game On
 This year all teachers in grades 7-12 are involved in a new program called AIW, which stands for Authentic Intellectual Work. Last year 10 of our teachers piloted the program and this year all are involved. AIW is composed of the following components:
  * Construction of Knowledge – Teachers ask students to apply basic skills and knowledge to complex problems that are new or unique. This involves organizing, interpreting, evaluating and synthesizing prior knowledge.
  * In-depth Understanding – Students look for, imagine, or propose and test relationships among key facts, events, concepts, rules and claims to clarify a specific problem or issue.
  * Elaborated Communication – Students use verbal, symbolic, graphic, and visual means to show understanding of, help explain, or justify concepts or problems.

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Picture Day
SMILE :) Picture day is coming October 2, 2012. All students in Preschool to Eleventh Grade
14th Annual Birdie Fest Golf
The 14th annual Birdie Fest Golf Tournament will be held on Saturday, September 15th beginning at 9:00 a.m. Profits from the tournament help support the Blackhawk Athletic Teams. School districts in the State can no longer charge activity fees to students; therefore our Birdie Fest Golf Tournament is even more important than ever! Please support the Birdie Fest by playing in the tournament, sponsoring a hole, or by donating prizes for the tournament.
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Football Salt Sales
 The Hinton Blackhawk football team will be selling softener salt again this fall. The delivery date has been set for September 22. Football players will start taking orders after Labor Day for the salt which is Morton brand blue bag coarse grain crystals. The salt comes in 50 pound bags versus the 40 pound bags usually sold in stores. The cost per bag is once again $6.00 per bag.
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Nursing News
September Senior Checklist

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