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Blackhawk Newsletter
December 2014
Hinton Community School
315 W. Grand St.
Hinton, IA 51024
Volume 21 / Issue 4 

Count Money!
Mrs. Hodgson’s students have been polishing their money counting skills in anticipation for an outing coming up in December. They found a free app on the iPad to practice their money skills as well. The app is called “Count Money!” This app enables students to show amounts of money using any coins they choose. They are able to check their work, and try again if they get it wrong. Check it out on your iPad!
Industrial Arts
We are having another great year in the shop and this time of year I think we might be busier than Santa's elves. Well maybe not quite that busy, I don't want to offend Santa and get myself on the naughty list, but we have been keeping pretty busy. We have been very fortunate to have maximum capacity enrollment in almost all of the industrial arts classes we have offered over the last three years. We like to call ourselves a "Friend to All" in the shop. This means that we are happy to help build, fix, or construct nearly anything within our ability for people in the school or community that might need the help.
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Camfel Productions
Hinton 7-12 was entertained and educated in the presentation titled Quest for Respect on Monday, November 17. The students listened to a gripping multi-media performance that incorporated inspiring top 20 music, motivational movie clips, and teens in challenging situations working through a variety of relationship issues including bullying.
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Sophomores & Parents
REMINDER: The sophomore class is working the concession stand December 13, which is a Saturday game between Hinton & Lawton-Bronson. There will be JV Boys/VG/VB games so hopefully we have a good crowd. It is also the 3rd Annual Silent Night game. Please email a sophomore class sponsor if you, your spouse, and/or your child is available to work a shift. Thank you for supporting this class fundraiser.
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