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Blackhawk Newsletter
November 2017
Hinton Community School
315 W. Grand St.
Hinton, IA 51024
Volume 23 / Issue 3 

First Graders to Market
The first grades read to answer the question “What is all around me?” They read a story called Farmers Market to learn what they can see around their neighborhoods. On Wednesday, September 28, they went to the bustling Farmers Market in Sioux City to browse for some bargains and learn more about what goes on at a farmers market. Bustling, browse, and bargain were some of the amazing words they discussed before experiencing a real farmers market. They learned a lot and had some fun too.
The fourth graders took an adventurous field trip to Hillview Park to study the life cycle of trees and nature. Victoria DeVos, Plymouth County Naturalist, led the students in many engaging lessons that taught the students how to think like a dendrologist. Some topics of the lessons included 2 scavenger hunts, a life cycle running game, and a learning hike. Students learned the parts of a tree and its functions by building a human model. This was an excellent opportunity for a hands on learning experience!! Thanks to Hillview Park, naturalist - Victoria, and many parent volunteers for making our day great!
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Hinton Foundation
The Hinton Foundation has been busy fundraising for the Community Wellness Center and they still need your help. Check out their website and these fliers to see how you can donate.
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Dining at Minerva's - November 10th
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October 17th, 2016
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